Monthly Archives: July 2014

Farm Market Picks of the Week

IMG_2555Last month when the local strawberries were out, I couldn’t get enough.  I paired them with rhubarb to make pies and a crisp, used them fresh in my morning smoothies, and we sliced them for our salads with dinner. Continue reading

Black Bean Quinoa Burgers: Meat Eater-Approved


I kept meaning to take a final picture of these burgers, but then we were finishing them before I remembered to take a picture!  However, I am confident I will make them again and will then take a more appetizing picture.  These burgers are simple to make, hearty, and full of flavor and plant-based protein.  And, it always warms my heart when I can make something that my husband says is “really good” that is really healthy, too!

Continue reading

Nothing beats a classic: Chocolate Chip Cookies


I was craving some good, old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies this weekend, so I indulged.  Continue reading

Gardens – What do you have in yours?

IMG_2557Do you have a garden at home?  If so, what are you growing in it?  Continue reading


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